“Where there is anxiety, there will almost certainly be found a mechanism against that anxiety”

Dewey once claimed that a felt sense of “insecurity generates the quest for certainty” (Dewey 1988, 203). Following up on that claim, Bordo argues that the problematic genius of Descartes was to find a way to convert his anxiety in the face of the impure and ambiguous into the confidence and certitude of objectivity. As Bordo explains, “Where there is anxiety, there will almost certainly be found a mechanism against that anxiety” (Bordo 1987, 75). Descartes took that which produced dread — the perceived barrenness of a mechanistic world — and turned it into an advantage, into that which makes objectivity, and thus also certainty, possible. In defense against the painful anxiety he felt about the process of separating from the organic whole of the universe, Descartes effectively declared that he willed and welcomed such a separation. His defense, in other words, can be seen as a reaction-formation to a painful loss. Tracing the historical and cultural masculinization of thought and the corresponding reconception of nature as dead and mechanical rather than organic and alive, Bordo demonstrates how what was lost was the previous cultural conception of a “female cosmos and ‘feminine’ orientation towards the world” (1987, 100). Descartes’s method of achieving absolute certainty thus is as much a “flight from the feminine” historically and culturally associated with the organic and fluid, as it is the creation of a new epistemological criterion of and method for objectivity.

(Libro citado: Bordo, Susan R., 1987. The Flight to Objectivity: Essays on Cartesianism and Culture, Albany, NY: SUNY Press.)

Sacado de Intersections Between Pragmatist and Continental Feminism


Acerca de alfonsfreire

Me he formado como filósofo en la UAB. En la misma universidad he estudiado Estética e Historia del Arte. Paralelamente trabajaba en mi pintura (y en este campo soy autodidacta) y los primeros montajes los hice en la facultad de Historia del Arte. Luego fui becado para seguir estudiando en Múnic y París durante 4 años. Al regresar trabajé como profesor asociado en la Facultad de Filosofía de la misma UAB, pero lo dejé para dedicarme al diseño gráfico. Con esta actividad me he ganado la vida los últimos 15 años. Al mismo tiempo, he seguido pintando y presentado mi obra en distintas exposiciones (individuales y colectivas).
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